Wednesday, August 25, 2010

A Redeemer and some BAs

The large comissions have begun!
First of all, a bit of an update on the last post.  The unit is complete, save for the arms, which JUST arrived.

Next, a Land Raider Redeemer.  This is part of a fair sized Space Marines comission.  The Raider is magnetized, so that it can swap out the doors, hatches, turret and sponsons, so expect to see it a few more times!  I still have yet to do all the weathering on this thing, but it's pretty much done.

Saturday, August 14, 2010

More comissioned goodness!

Did some more work on the Blood Angels Honour Guard.  They are missing arms because the client has yet to get the arms to me, but I am cranking these out because I have to get these done soon... why? because I am going to be buried under an avalanche of comissions soon!  LOTS of Tyranids and Space Marine stuff, including a Tervigon Conversion!   O.o;

ANYWAY!  On to the picture!

Some may notice a small quality difference between the new ones and the Sanguinary Priest.  This is because the client wanted to dial back the detail and quality a little, to ease the cost.  I think I managed to keep things looking simalar enough.